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April 16, 2014
So what are they going to do about “the Kissing Congressman” down in Louisiana?  Oh, if you haven’t heard, Fifth District Congressman Vance McAllister has gotten himself into quite a mess. Smooching with one of your staffers doesn’t go too well in red neck country, at least as far as public officials go.  The Governor...
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Thursday, April 17th, 2014 Baton Rouge, Louisiana  THE KISSING CONGRESSMAN AND FIFTH DISTRICT VOTERS! Down on the Bayou in my home state of Louisiana, there’s a feeding frenzy going on.  Now, if you live in the state but have been on vacation, say in the Ukraine, you may not be aware that the Fifth District...
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Our “Common Sense” weekend radio show is close at hand with a lively Easter program planned and scheduled.  Hey, do you believe in reincarnation?  A record Number of Americans Now Believe In Reincarnation – Who Were You In A Previous Life?  We will talk with Lisa Caza  is psychic medium, teacher, and author who says she works...
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Daughter Campbell has formed a non-profit educational support organization in New York City, and is keeping a close eye on all aspects of public education there. She will be honored for her educational commitment, sponsored by Success Academy Charter Schools Association, on April 28th in New York with former Florida Governor  Jeb Bush as the...
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Hey, you are running for election in the U.S. Senate and you are putting up on TV new campaign ads.  So you say: “Let’s fake a Senate hearing!   No one will ever notice.”Â  That’s apparently the thought process of the Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu campaign.  Well, her “fake” senate hearing has created quite a stir.  ...
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