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Radio Show Weekend!

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It’s post Mardi Gras Radio Weekend, and we hope you can join us on statins coast to coast for our weekly “Common Sense” radio program. And that brings us to Lent; “Fighting bad moral habits and practicing restraint is what Lent is all about,” says author John Horvat.  More than giving up a box of chocolates, Horvat says how about giving up habits that foster frenetic intemperance, which is the real root cause of our economic decline?  His new book, “Return to Order, “that discusses our future, is available by Clicking Here, and his website is www.returntoorder.org.


Then we will look at Russia’s involvement in the Ukraine, and the U.S. response.  Is Putin being a real tyrant? Do we really have a dog in this fight?  And is there anything, really, that we can do that will make any difference?  I have some strong views to discuss on the show.


We will also cover a number of interesting and offbeat stories that will either keep you smiling or make you mad.  So be sure and tune in this weekend to get some “Common Sense.”  Check your local listings for times and stations across America.  See you on the radio.

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