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“Common Sense” Radio Show!

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Radio weekend is close at hand, we certainly have a full agenda on the “Common Sense” radio program this Sunday.  We have picked up a number of new stations, so be sure and check your local listing and times in your part of the country.  We start off by talking about the current government shutdown, and whether or not it is the responsible thing to do. Are members of Congress really paying attention? Are they doing their job?  Or is there mostly personal conflict, without any real consideration of the serious issues facing this country? We will talk about it.

Do we need all the lawyers in the U.S.?  Americans like to have lawyers by their side when they need them, but we don’t like them very much, according to Pew surveys taken this year and in 2009. Only 18 percent of us think lawyers contribute much to society.  Even Shakespeare wrote in Henry VI: “The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers.”Â  John Peick, who specializes in law studies, will join us to discuss the state of the law in the U. S. today, and his book, “Clients are from Earth ““Attorneys are from Law School.”Â  You can find out much ore about it by Clicking Here.  


We will also have a timely interview with former secretary of the treasury Michael Blumenthal.  He was the 64th United States Secretary of the Treasury in the Carter administration., and we will take about the government shutdown, and his new book,  ” From Exile to Washington,” and you can rad more about it by Clicking Here.


And finally, we will ask the question, “Is There a Middle Ground Solution for Israel and Palestine?  Award-Winning Israeli-Educated Author Michael J. Cooper Says “˜No.’ Check out is book, “Foxes in the Vineyard” by Clicking Here.  A good show so we will see you on the radio.

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