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Full Radio Weekend Ahead!

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We are gearing up for weekend radio just a few days away, and have a jam-packed show this week for listeners.  So much the cover, and so little time. We will bring you an update on the Zimmerman ““ Travon Martin trial in Florida, where the case will be likely close to being given to the jury. Is he guilty or innocent? We will talk about it.  And we certainly will talk about my new column now posted about how many northerners want to refight the Civil War.  A good number of disparaging remarks have been made following the recent Supreme Court’s Voting Rights Act decision, and I felt it time to refute some of the outrageous statements. We’ll talk about my new column.


Then we will be joined by a woman warrior who served in Iraq.  Miyoko Hikiji spent 9 years in the Army, was highly decorated, and served in combat.  She has a new book about her experiences called: “All  I Could Be:  My Story of a Woman Warrior in Iraq, and you can read all about Miyoko and her new book by Clicking Here.  So a full show, and we sure hope to see you on the radio. Check your local newspapers for times and stations.

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