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Weekend Radio Time!

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The “Common Sense” radio weekend is fast approaching, and we have a solid lineup of guests and topics to cover. This week’s column talks about your right to die. This is a controversial subject, and assisted suicide is only available in four states in America. What do you think? Should you have that right? We’ll talk about it in our first hour on Sunday morning.


While scientists search for the biochemical switch, which will someday turn off the human aging process, tens of millions of baby boomers aren’t waiting — they’re busy with their own quest for immortality on the bike paths, tennis courts and exercise mats of America. According to the National Institute on Aging, next to diet and shunning tobacco, nothing a person can do increases life expectancy more than exercise. So we will discuss this with Dr. Payam Hakimi of Body of Harmony, an institute of health and healing in Los Angeles.

Also on our agenda will be the immigration debate and what a dud opening the first week of major league baseball was last week. So tune in for a lively show. Check your local listings for time and day of the “Common Sense show” in your part of the country.

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