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South Korean Rapper anti-American?

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Well the luster is off the South Korean rapper who has the most watched video in youtue history. Psy, the South Korean rapper whose viral pop hit “Gangnam Style” has been viewed more than 900 million times on YouTube, participated in two anti-American performances about a decade ago, a story that finally trickled into English-language media this week. Here is the song.
“Kill those f—— Yankees who have been torturing Iraqi captive”‰/ Kill those f——- Yankees who ordered them to torture”‰/ Kill their daughters, mothers, daughters-in-law, and fathers”‰/ Kill them all slowly and painfully,” Psy sang at a 2004 concert in South Korea, held in protest of the United States and its military. The lyrics are not his “” the song, “Dear American,” is by South Korean metal band N.E.X.T. “” but the performance is in stark contrast to the smiling, good-natured pop star that Americans have been introduced to over the past six months. Here is his all time hit video below.

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