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On the Radio this Weekend!

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Rad9Radio time close at hand and we are glad to be back at our flagship station, Clear Channel’s WJBO, in Baton Rouge over the Easter weekend.  Next week, we will be broadcasting from Pensacola Florida.  We hope you will be able to tune in, so check the Genesis local listings of a station in your part of the country, or check our Genesis Communications’ website found on the upper right to locate where we are on the air.


Metaphysical Visionary & Author of 20 books on Spirituality & Personal Development; Stuart Wilde will join us to suggest to our listeners14 ways to clean up their souls. They may not be new to you but it may time to ‘Spring Clean’ your energy and finds some old and new ways to get you motivated. You can find a long list of Stuart’s book by Clicking Here.


And how’s you heart doing? Are you taking a satin? Statin drugs are by far the most over-prescribed treatment for dealing with heart disease; could this being a $31 billion dollar a year industry have something to do with the pharmaceutical industry keeping this drug so close to Americans’ hearts? We will talk with best-selling nutritionist Dr. Jonny Bowden, (as seen on Dr. Oz & “˜The Doctors’) about what he says is the deceit of the drug industry and his new book, The Great Cholesterol Myth. You can get information about the book by Clicking Here.

See you on the Radio!

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