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Radio Weekend Coming Up!

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A jam-packed show plans for the “Common Sense” weekend close at hand. What about these drones in the sky. In the last six months alone, some 5000 people have been killed in Afghanistan. Many supposedly are civilians. Are we on the right course here? Or are we taking lives irresponsibly? We’ll talk about it. Also, we’re going to discuss the role of women in the Catholic Church. Should nuns have more authority? Will the new pope open up a discussion about just what role women should have? This will be interesting.


My new column above talks about the criminality that is found throughout the banking system, and the lack of any aggressive federal prosecution. Why are these banks too big to fail, and too big to go to jail?  Louisiana Banker Preston Kennedy will be our guest, and he will talk about the greed and corruption that seems to be in engulfing the financial system, particularly big banks. I think he’s right on.


And we will have attorney and author Scott Mager on the show to talk about his popular motivation book “You are the Best.”Â  Scott tells you to quit worrying, eradicate the doubt in your life, refuse to be afraid, and get over any fear. Scott says that’s what happiness is all about.  You can read all about his new book by Clicking Here. So a jam-packed show, and we look forward to you joining us this weekend. See you on the radio.

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