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No More Horsemeat? Come on!

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Comedian Jon Stewart of The Daily how made much fun out of a new horsemeat scandal.  Apparently, in Europe, horsemeat had been mixed to a small degree in hamburger sold there. Stewart, and many of us were just aghast.  Horsemeat!  In our hamburgers?  What’s the world coming to?  Remember now, we Louisiana eat about anything. Nutria, alligator, muskrat, raccoons, you name it. It’s in our gumbos.  So what’s the big deal about horsemeat?  Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu is leading the fight in Washington to ban consumption of horsemeat in the U.S.  So Landrieu has no problem with eating Porky Pig, Donald Duck or Bambi. But it’s apparently a big deal to eat Mr. Ed. Check out my column from last year on this riveting issue by Clicking Here.  And check out Jon Stewart’s comments below.

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