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Full Packed Radio Weekend!

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It’s radio time as the weekend approaches, and we have a full agenda to talk about in Sunday’s nationally syndicated radio show.  Will the government shutdown with the so-called sequestration? And what does sequestration mean in the first place? What’s happened to the immigration debate? Will any changes really have a chance to be put into law, or will the present immigration laws stay on the books?  Same goes for the current and controversial gun debate taking place.  Yes, we have a lot to cover.


And how about the present arguments by some that we   should “give up on the Constitution” because Washington and the other Founding Fathers “knew nothing of our present situation.””¨”¨ John Berlau, who has been on our show before, “¨and is a Senior Fellow for Finance and Access to Capital”¨Competitive Enterprise Institute, says “Washington knew more about the ‘present situation’ of entrepreneurs frustrated by government hurdles than most legal academics writing for the New York Times could ever ‘remotely’ hope to.”¨”¨John will join us during our first hour to talk about how relevant  the constitution is today.


 And is America prepared for a massive cyber attack?  The threat of cyber warfare has suddenly become very real, with President Obama signing an executive order mandating development of standards to protect the computer systems that run critical sectors of the economy and directing U.S. defense and intelligence agencies to share classified threat data with those companies.  Author Charles Martin will join the show to discuss his chilling new novel, “Provacateur.”Â  You read about it by Clicking Here.

 So join us.  We will see you on the radio!

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