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The Weekend Radio Show-Jam Packed Programing!

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Politics, voting irregularities, chaos in the Middle East, football; what a weekend to be on the radio.  We have a jam-packed show set for Sunday, so we hope you can tune in.  How about these debates going on.  Do they make any real difference?  Our friend Peter Van Buren, who has written New York Times bestseller “We Meant Well,” all about missteps in Iraq, joins us to talk about the candidates and foreign policy.  Check out his book Here.

 Then John Malcolm with the Heritage Foundation will be with us to talk about voter fraud.  Is it that prevalent across the country?  And finally we will have author Doug Saunders come on our how to talk about his new book, “The Myth of the Muslim Tide.”Â  Do Muslim immigrants threaten our country as many allege?  You can check out his book by Clicking Here.

 So much to discuss and we hope you will join us on the “Common Sense” program this Sunday morning.  Check your local station guide for exact times in your city and state.  Finally, so much humor in the presidential campaign.  Check out the funny political videos below.


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