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Sunday is just around the corner, and we here at the “Common sense” program are gearing up for another lively program.  Nationally syndicated radio show host Matt Bruce goes toe to toe with Jim over the bias in the media towards the more liberal point of view. Give us a break!  Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, a whole list of ritght leaning newspapers.  And it’s all about the liberals?  We will try to talk some common sense with popular commentator Matt in our first hour.

And what happened to thd recent Amelia Earhart expedition to find her plane? Now that the dust has settled over the failed South Seas exploration in July, what happened to Earhart and where the did the TIGHAR Group and the Navy’s deep sea ontractor went wrong?  S.J. Seed, who has dealt with psychics on a number of issues, joins us to talk about just what happened.

And when will Mitt Romney announce his vice presidential pick?  It could be any day, even before our show.  We will take a look at all the potential candidates, and give you our evaluation.  Finally David Nance will share what you need to know to remain safe when violence erupts suddenly in a public place. There seems to be more and more ssuch violance.  Nance is a nationally acclaimed safety expert who works with police departments around the world. So be sure and turn in this Sunday.  We will see you on the radio.



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