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Getting Up for Morning Joe.

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I don’t know what you are doing at 5:30 in the moiri8ng, but I am of course up and about doing my work outs and tearing into the new day.  (Yeah, right!)  I do get up a bit later than that, and start my day with some juice, the morning papers, and I turn on Morning Joe, carried by MSNBC.  Joe Scarborough, a former Florida Republican congressman hosts the show along with Mika Brzezinski.  Cross sections of guests appear, covering the news of the day with heavy emphasis on national political news.  It is simply the most comprehensive show on politics that’s on TV.  Son-in-law Dan Senor is a regular guest, so there is even a family tie.  If you haven’t caught the show, tune in weekdays from 5:390 am until 8:00 am central time.  That’s Mika and Joe with me above on a recent visit to the show.

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