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Too Big to Fail? Give Me a Break!

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Will the big banks and the Wall Street profiteers ever learn?  Or do they even want to?  The latest financial fiasco involves my own personal bank.  It’s the guys at J.P. Morgan-Chase that, once again, crossed the line of responsible money management.   There was a “make the big bucks” mentality by the bank rather than a focus on the quality of the loans that were being made. I don’t need or want my bank to lay down a bet on some complicated credit default swap or other exotic roll of the financial dice.  But that’s exactly what Chase has been doing with my money.  They have taken a big hit.  And I’m not happy.  I hope you agree, but either way, take a look at my new column that looks at this whole sorted financial mess.  You can read it now by Clicking Here, or by hitting the Red Flashing Box above.


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