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Busy Radio Schedule this Weekend!

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The “Common Sense” radio show returns back home to Baton Rouge this weekend, after a lively program out of Chapel Hill, North Carolina last week.  And boy, do we have a lot to talk about.  There is an obesity epidemic sweeping the nation.  Fine to eat what you want, but who is paying for those who are so overweight?  Is it fair for those of us who take better care of ourselves to pay the cost of those that don’t through higher taxes and higher health insurance costs? We will talk about it.

And what did US Seals find when they raided Osama bin Laden’s home last month?  Was he a continuing threat or just a tired old man?  Middle East expert Gareth Porter, who has been a guest on our show previously, will again join us to talk about the world’s most hated individual.  Porter is the author of a fascinating book, Perils of Dominance: Imbalance of Power and the Road to War in Vietnam  and you can find out more of the book by Clicking Here.

And since we are talking also abut obesity; did you know that a new study suggests that fatty foods can be as addictive as cocaine?  That’s right!  Your French fries and onion rings can get you “hooked.”Â  So can sweeteners says the study.  So how can you protect yourself. Nutritionist and fitness expert Todd Scarborough will explain and answer our many questions.  So a lively show, and we hope you will tune it this weekend.

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