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What a Weekend Schedule on the Radio!

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A pleasant Easter Sunday nationwide, and a great surrounding for the “Common Sense” radio program all set for this weekend.  I hope you will have the chance to tune in.  National politics freedom  to speak whatever language you want in America, the history of Easter, getting ready for tax season, and a look back and Americans in Germany during World War II.  You can’t pack in much more than that in our two hour show.

Since tax due date is just a few days away, we will be joined by Dominique Molina to give you some tips on tax savings.  Her new book is called “Secrets of a Tax Free Life,” and you can read all about it by Clicking Here.

Then we will revisit history and talk with historian Andrew Nagorski about his new insightful book, Hitlerland.  We know about Americans in France and England in the 1920s and in the 1930s, but what about Americans in Germany? What were their lives like? And what did they think as they witnessed the collapse of the Weimar Republic and the rise of Hitler? It’s never been thoroughly explored ““ that is, until now.  We will have Professor Nagorski on the second hour of our show, and you can learn more about the book by Clicking Here.  We will see you on the radio.


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