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Marche Maddness Finale in New Orleans!

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What a weekend at the Final Four in New Orleans as March Madness came to a peak.  Whether you are a basketball fan, or just like to take in all the excitement of a big Big Easy event, I was all there from Bourbon Street to the Superdome.  Some 80,000 fans jammed into the dome”¦the largest basketball venue that ever hosted such an event.  And thousands more jammed the hotels, restaurants and the streets just to be in that number.  Below is former LSU head coach Dale Brown, who was honored for his many achievements at a sold out breakfast before the game.  Dale is a regular on my national radio show.

I joined Tim Brando at his CBS national show right in the heart of New Orleans.  Tim has become the leading CBS sports commentator.  He used to broadcast here in Baton Rouge, and I had the honor of being Tim’s radio guest on a number of occasions.  That was before he became such a big shot.  But we still keep in touch.

Comic, actor  and national radio host Dennis Miller was also in town.  He has been on my radio show in the past.  We had a nice visit at the famous Emril’s Restaurant.  He clearly says that New Orleans is his favorite city.

And you can’t go to New Orleans without trying several great restaurants.  Jon Besh, who owns six locations in the city, is one of the more popular chefs.  My favorite is August, located right in the center of town.  I’ve been a regular at John’s various restaurants for a number of years.  He needs to come open one inBaton Rouge.

One of the reasons the trip was so enjoyable was that I was able to spend time over a number of good meals with my law school roommate, Bill Weinberg and his wife Lois.  They are die hard Kentucky fans, and relished in the success of the Kentucky Wildcats.  My Tar Heels didn’t fare so well, so I’ll have to take the ribbing from Bill-at least until next year.




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