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There are special lessons to be learned fr0m those who are successful in the jobs they do.  Particularly at the highest level of accomplishment.  And I think we would all agree that being elected as President of the United States, or being the Head Coach of a National Championship football team qualifies as being exceptional.  Take a minute to look over my new column this week.  I take a look at Alabama Coach Nick Saban’s trouncing of LSU in the BCS Championship game this week.  And how about Mitt Romney, who is well on his way to becoming the Republican nominee for President.  What do these guys have in common?  You can read the column right now by Clicking Here, or by going to the Flashing Red Box above.

Coach Saban, in his post victory press conference, referred to the new movie of World War II black fighter pilots.  You can watch the trailer of the movie that game the Alabama team inspiration below.

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