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Football, Health and the Good Lord!

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The weekend is close at hand, and, as is usually the case, the Common Sense Show will pack 2 hours of lively discussion this weekend.  Our network continues to grow, and we hope you will be in that number of new listeners.  You can expect that we will rehash the Alabama victory in the Monday’s BCS Bowl, and we will also take a look at the fast paced Republican primaries.  Does frontrunner Mitt Romney have the nomination sewn up?

We will also be joined by Dr. Veronica Tomor on how you stay healthy while traveling.  Can you eat right, keep off the pounds, and still survive the travel temptations?  She’s written a great book called “L.E.A.N. Guide for Business Traveler,” and you can find out more about it by Clicking Here.

And how about some humor in dealing with the Good Lord?  Is there anything funny about God?  Author and humorist Linda Potter will be on the show for both fun and serious talk. She keeps one laughing in her new book, “If Only God Would Give Me a Sign.” Find out more of Linda and her book by Clicking Here.  We look forward to having you join us this weekend on the”Common Sense” radio program.

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