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(Visiting with republican  presidential front runner Mitt Romney in New York recently.)

Governor Mitt Romney’s Iowa caucus victory this week drew nothing more than a few yawns down in Louisiana.  Not much interest over a former east coast governor who, as best they know, has not stepped foot in the state.  Romney seems to be well on his way to winning the Republican presidential nomination, and, once again, Louisiana will be left on the side of the road.  Gov. Bobby Jindal’s candidate, Gov. Rick Perry’s campaign is toast.  And Louisiana blew the chance to have the first presidential primary.  So now it seems that Mitt Romney is well on his way to the Republican nomination, unless he can be over taken by former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum.  I talked with them both recently and you can read my views in my new column now posted. And what’s in store for the Louisiana Governor?  Read it all now by Clicking Here, or by going to the Red Flashing Box at the top of this site.

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