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Is Herman Cain for Real!

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So just what’s with this guy Herman Cain.  I’ve tried to follow his logic on his 9/9/9 tax proposal.  When I first heard about it, I thought that’s what his new pizza cost.  And now”¦all the messy sexual harassment controversy.  So whenever I need the proper perspective on tough issues, I called for a comment to my good buddy, Andy Boritz.  Here is Andy’s take.

“Rick Perry waded into the brouhaha over the sexual harassment charges against Republican presidential rival Herman Cain, telling reporters, “If it turns out he’s innocent, then he should be executed.”Â  Noting that the case against Mr. Cain was far from airtight, Gov. Perry said, “In Texas we’ve fried men for less than that.”Â  The Texas governor stopped short of saying that he would personally put Mr. Cain to death, but added, “I’ll tell you what, if I had to do it, I’d sleep like a baby that night.”Â  While the sexual allegations against Mr. Cain gained traction, the former CEO was said to be huddling with two of his closest advisors, Papa John and Little Caesar.”Â  Right on, Andy.

Now to get the real story, I do what I often do.  Turn to Steven Colbert.  See his comments in the video below.

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Herman Cain Under Attack
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