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Great Weekend Radio Show Planned!

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The weekend is close at hand and we are working hard to bring our listeners another lively and interesting radio program.  We broadcast live each Sunday Morning from 9:00 am until 11:00 am central time, and a number of stations rerun our show at various times throughout the week.  We will, as always, take a quick look at the national news stories that are breaking over the weekend.  Then follow up with several specific topics and new guests.

Is American read for a Mormon President?  In his upcoming film, “A Mormon President,” director Adam Christing explores whether America is ready for a Mormon president. Christing and his team take a comprehensive look at the faith system’s history and the multitude of contemporary thoughts, opinions and controversies that often surround it.  We will talk to Adam about his new film that, as you can imagine, is creating a great deal of interest.  Check out the trailer below.  And to learn more about Adam’s movie, you can Click Here.

Also, we live in a time of numerous natural disasters.  In this year alone, there have been 87 separate Disaster Declarations in the United States; a statistic that reflects only wide-reaching natural disasters, not personal ones. Crises affect everyone and come in all shapes and sizes: hurricanes, accidents at home, even job losses. You can’t stop them, but you can learn how to be prepared. Professional Ski Patroller Kim Kircher is a crisis-management expert; it’s her job to help people through some of the worst experiences of their lives.  Kim will talk to me about her new book, “The Next Fifteen Minutes,”and you can read all about it by Clicking Here.

Finally, we have just lost daylight savings time.  Are you adjusting OK?  Sean Folkson, “The Sleep Guy” will visit and tell us all about adjusting to the time change, and getting both better and more sleep in general.  Sean has full information about better sleep and a great speep nutrition bar that you can check out by Clicking here. 

So a real full schedule all set for this weekend.  Be sure and tune in.  Check out your local listings, and you can listen live by Clicking on the Blue Flashing box above.  Our show is also podcasted and archived for future listening.  See you on the radio.

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