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Egypt, JFK and More on the Radio!

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Hey, we have a full blown and lively radio show planned for this Sunday morning, and I hope you will have a chance to tune in.  A full update and analysis of the exploding Egyptian revolution in the making.  And when you see TV film of the rioting and demonstrations in Cairo, do you notice all the young people involved?  Sixty per cent of the population there is under 30.  Young demonstrators’ and political activists are and in full force throughout the Middle Ease.  A far cry from the limited number of young activists in America today.

 Also joining me on the show is historian Marc Schulman, whose new book, “JFK History Maker,” offers a modern tribute to President John Kennedy, who was inaugurated 50 years ago.  He offers a fresh new look at the Presidency from the perspective of events than have taken place over the past five decades.  The book can be ordered by Clicking Here.

 I’ll also be joined by New York Times bestselling author Heather Gudenkauf, whose new book, “These Things Hidden,” tells the chilling and absorbing story of an unconscionable murder. Heather has also been a strong advocate for “Safe Haven Laws,” which are growing in popularity throughout the country.  Her new novel can be ordered by Clicking Here

 A full show, so be sure and tune in or listen to our podcast.  See you on the radio Sunday all over American and worldwide on the Genesis Communications Network.

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