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After eight and a half years in a federal prison, Louisiana’s prodigal son has come home.  And far from quietly slipping back into home confinement, the former Louisiana governor was greeted with the attraction generally reserved for a rock star. There was the kind of media coverage and public fascination generally reserved for a President or the Pope.  Even the Kingfish would have been envious. Edwin Edwards is back.  You can read about all the hype over his return by Clicking here. or going to “Jim’s New Column” in upper right corner box of this site.

Because my publishing company, The Lisburn Press, had published the recent biography of Edwin Edwards, I was asked to do a number of interviews as to why there is so much interest in the former governor.  I was  interviewed  on NBC’s Channel 33, and you can watch the whole interview below.

To watch the interview about the huge interest in Edwin Edwards, Click Here.

To watch an additional interview as to what Edwards will be doing in his new job, Click Here.

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