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The Mass. Senate race and Louisiana!

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It seems this past week than anyone interested in politics was galvanized by the U.S. Senate race in Massachusetts.  The Democrats have held this seat since 1957, and Massachusetts is the bluest of blue Democratic states.  We all know that Republican Scott Brown pulled a big upset.  But there is a Louisiana connection,  and my column this week talks about what would have happened if Louisiana native Victoria Reggie Kennedy, the Senator’s widow, would have run.  You can read it now by Clicking Here.

2 Responses
  1. I am a Louisiana Gal or Louisiana Lady and I know I would have won, WOW!!! what a surprise, I can win a MA election. No, Mary would not have won that election. Nothing about being a lady either. It is our stands on issues. I would have won if I would have organized and let enough of the people know and that the People of MA got up off of it and WON! Congratulations to Scott Brown. Susie Labry

  2. Martha Winters Guarisco

    I am sick of the Kennedy’s and the way they govern. I was elated Tuesday night. People are sick and tired of the mistakes our leaders in Washington are making. This is just the tip of the meltdown of the iceberg called the Democratic Party. Also, Victoria Reggie would not have been a good choice.

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