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Get the Drunks off the Road in Louisiana!

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Week after week, we read chilling stories in the press of drunk drivers who are involved in serious accidents, often killing someone else.  Why is drinking and driving so prevalent in Louisiana?  Drive through Daiquiri stands.  Bars that stay open around the clock.  And a judicial system that often lets a drunk driver off the hook.  Will it change?  See what I have to say in my new column now posted.  You can read it by Clicking Here.  And take a look at some of the chilling videos below.  As the column says, driving intoxicated is no different than waving around a loaded gun.

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  1. Joe Pando

    Let me start by saying I am involved in the frozen daiquiri retail buss throughout LA. Which is better, having someone buy a daiquiri thru a window on their way home (and yes, even taking a few sips before they get there), or somone consuming a frozen drink inside the store and then driving home? When did we ever see a daiquiri cup in a vehicle involved in a drunken accident? Drunk drivers are overwhelmingly hard-core drinkers and abusers, and not frozen daiquiri sippers. The drive-thru windows, if anything, promote taking your daiquiri home instead of drinking it entirely and then driving off!

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