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Why so much interest in Edwin Edwards?

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The new authorized biography of former Louisiana Gov. Edwin Edwards went on sale this week.  In three days, the first run of 10,000 books was completely sold out.  And there are pre orders for 10,000 more.  People in the Louisiana book trade say they have never seen anything like the demand to buy the Edwards book.  He is 82 and in the federal penitentiary.  So why all the interest?  My new column, just posted, takes a look at the Edwards phenomenon, and why he will be a major political figure in Louisiana for years to come.  You can read it now by Clicking Here.

And you can watch the Edwards magic with crowds in the video below.

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  1. Reason why we appreciate Edwin is that he was a man of respect and liked everybody regardless of their candidates, politics, past, etc. He was always hospitable to everyone at the Mansion. I was with Jimmie Davis in 1971 and Edwin’s and Jimmie’s New Orleans Headquarters were in same building Maritime Building as ours (Davis) and we always got love, hellos, and respect from our good neighbors of the Edwin Edwards Campaign. We were on 1st Floor and Edwin in 7th or something like that. They would warmly joke us and say they are on top, and we always joked them and said we were #1. He remembered us, and we later remembered him in future years when he ran. We were always neighbors at the headquarters and at our respective homes in Baton Rouge in the future years. Edwin always appointed people with qualifications regardless of whom they backed, such as me on the La. Music Commission with no strings attached. He always respected my support of my man Jimmie Davis, my music, and my background and experience. Edwin and his friends, Charlie Roemer, Wayne Hayes, etc. also helped me get my student work at the Division of Administration Bindary when I was student at LSU in early 70s via Mr. Charles Roemer. Anyway I always backed Edwin in the future after we lost Jimmie Davis in 1971. Many of Jimmie’s supporters went Edwin in future. Edwin was always friendly, good to us and I address him as Our Good Man of the Respects. Thank you, Jim, for interesting videos, triggers memories. Good times going down to Capitol and visiting with all yall there in Senate, Capitol, and Campaigns. And never forget you were always a great Secretary of State. Susie Labry

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