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Sarah Palin would fit in well in Louisiana!

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Sarah Palin’s new book is a block buster at book stores nationwide.  I sat down this weekend to read it and found out some interesting, strange and rather funny things about the former vice presidential candidate.  What she eats, who she talks to in the shower, philosophical tidbits of her approach to life, and, like the 60s song says, “Why”˜s everybody a pickin’ on me.”Â  Sarah Palin is a master promoter.  But is she all pizzazz? Is she famous just for being famous like Paris Hilton?  Or is there substance to the lady?  And how would she fair, politically, in Louisiana? Take a look at my thoughts in my new column now pasted.  You can read it by Clicking Here.

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  1. Don W.

    Jim, I would think you had better things to do with your time. Its a sad commentary on our nation that someone like her would be thought of as presidential material. Louisiana has been thought of as a third world state, maybe our nation is going the same way.

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