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Dave Treen-True to his beliefs.

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Everyone agreed that former Louisiana Governor was a nice guy.  Those were the accolades heaped on him as he was mourned, eulogized and remembered by friends and political observers alike.  But Dave Treen can with full justification lay claim to being perhaps the only real conservative governor in the past century.  Others switched parties to serve their own political purposes.  But Treen was a tried and true conservative from the beginning.  My column this week is about the humble and competent leader who was underestimated by many for the job he did and the approach he took to running Louisiana.  You can read the column now by Clicking Here.

Below, Governor Dave Treen is honored at the Louisian State Capitol.


A long list of friends, public officials, and many who had worked with Governor Treen gathered at the state capitol on November 2 to pay their final respects.  So many of us lingered for a while to share stories and rememberences of the Governor.  James Carville, his wife Mary Matalin, and I joined many others at the service.  Mary and James left after the ceremony to fly to New York and appear as guests on daughter Campbell’s nightly show on CNN.




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  1. Bennett Pearce

    “an hour and a half to watch 60 minutes” I remember being amused by this when it was said and I’m sure it influenced my thoughts on the events at that time. Upon further reflection and with the benefit of a few more years and experience, maybe an hour and a half is a better approach to important issues and decisions that we all make in life-a hour to fully cover the information and then a period of reflection to think about it before acting. Serious thought, deliberate preparation over glib phrases and sound bites. As Louis Pasteur once said “chance favors the prepared mind”

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