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Oh my gosh-the terrorists are comin’

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The Jihadists converging in Louisiana?  What a crazy idea!  But wait”¦.is it so off the wall that millions of dollars could flow into Louisiana creating up to 700 new jobs if the state will agree to take several hundred detainees (yes, accused terrorists), and confine them in a maximum security federal prison?  Read my reasoning in this week’s column.  We’ve got thugs galore in Louisiana prisons now that are much tougher and more dangerous that the worst Taliban member.  So why not get the financial benefits of a major prison facility.  Oh yes, many members are going nuts I opposition to such a plan.  Check out the video showing the hysteria below.  But see if you follow my reasoning.  You can read the column now by Clicking Here, or by clicking on “Jim’s New Column” box on the left.  Check it out.

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2 Responses
  1. Angelique LaCour

    I’d be more inclined to accept these “real” criminals if some of the 70% of the Louisiana prisoners in jail on non-violent drug possession charges were released and/offered treatment for addictive disorders instead of “jail therapy” which is proven to be totally ineffective. Money is why they are there and getting money to house truly dangerous terrorists would be a win-win for everyone.

  2. Neil Johnson

    The problem with moving these scum ANYWHERE in the U S is twofold:
    1. Once they set foot on U S soil, they will immediately be given a whole list of “rights” by the leftist media and orgnizations. Some of them WILL eventually be released.
    2. If the’re put in a prison that holds other inmates, they will radicalize those inmates who will certainly be released at some date.
    This will not be good for our country.

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