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Is Bobby Jindal Wanting it Both Ways?

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In an op-ed this week in Politico, Gov. Bobby Jindal panned the federal stimulus funding  as “a nearly trillion-dollar stimulus that has not stimulated.” Yet as Think Progress, Bayou Buzz and other on-line sources were quick to point out, a sizable portion of the money the governor is doling out during his “Louisiana Working” tour is federal stimulus money. You’d never know it. The photo-op checks are emblazoned with “State of Louisiana – Office of the Governor.” No mention of the source of the funding. “Despite the fact that the checks contain millions of dollars of Recovery Act funds for job training programs, housing assistance programs, homelessness prevention programs, police training, criminal justice technology upgrades, and community development block grants,” TP reports, “Jindal has been printing his own name on the checks and taking credit for the money.”

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