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The Rise and Fall of LSU!

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Louisiana’s flagship university, LSU, is in a desperate legislative fight to maintain its current spending levels.  Right now, the university is looking at a shortfall over $100 million dollars.  Why isn’t there more concern and outrage coming from legislators?  And Jim raises the question in this week’s column-Should the leadership at LSU carry some of the blame for the critical situation it finds itself in today?  How could a school of higher learning take such a sharp fall both locally and nationally?  Take a look at Jim’s column this week now posted.  You can access it by Clicking Here.

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  1. Jim,

    Just cut the fat of USELESS REQUIRED COURSES and keep it pertinent to our careers and degree.

    The Football is an economic generator, it is academic, and is sound business and teaches discipline, science of motion, psychology, team work, lifeskills, etc. It is more tougher than our parents in encouraging us to make good grades. There would be NO Baton Rouge, NO St. Judes, etc. without these positive economic multiplier generators.

    This Governor knows the economic multipler impact of LSU, and the Movies, AND the Saints. All of it is there! This NEVER shows on Fiscal Notes Papers (Utopian theory). I live in reality and for 40 years all along with Political Science Degree KNOW the money is there! The Sunshine Susie.

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