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The General says Gov. Blanco Snubbed Him!

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 Have you been following all the fuss over former Louisiana Governor Kathleen Blanco’s supposed “snub” of Katrina General Russel Honore?  The General has a new book out called “Survival.“Â  I have not had a chance to read it yet, though I do plan on doing so.  The general says that some three weeks after Katrina hit the Gulf Coast, he was invited to Baton Rouge to hear the Governor speak to a joint session of the Louisiana Legislature.  Blanco had a VIP section that included Vice Adm. Thad Allen of FEMA and Lt. Gen. Steven Blum, head of the national Guard Bureau.  Gen. Honore had no seat and was not even mentioned in
Blanco’s speech, while Allen and Blum received a standing ovation.

“I don’t know to this day if the snub was political or racial” writes Honore, who is black.  I don’t think the Governor had any racial motives or purposely snubbed gen. Honore.  He offered great leadership during Katrina and Blanco would have been crazy to ignore him and his leadership.  I think it was just one more example of the disorganization surrounding the Governor during this hectic time. Blanco never had her office well organized and she certainly blew it in how the General was handled.  He’s quite a guy and has regularly appeared on my radio show as you can see below.





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  1. K McCoy

    I think ex-governor Blanco was quite capable of shunning Gen. Honore, just as she did then President George W. Bush when he was the guest speaker at my daughter’s graduation from LSU in 2004. She did not even invite him to the manison for a visit while he was in town!!

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