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How did Stanford and Madoff pull off their Rip Offs?

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The financial scandals involving The Sanford group and Bernie Madoff have hit a number of Louisianans hard.  Several families in the Baton Rouge area reportedly lost $50 million or more.  New York Yankee left fielder Johnny Damon lost much more.  So who is to blame?  Is it just Madoff and Sanford?  My new column is now posted, and I raise the question of how these Ponzi schemes were pulled off so easily.  What kind of precautions should you take when you invest your money?  You can read the column now by Clicking Here.

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  1. Carmen

    It´s very easy to speak about the reasons people have to invest and where to do that.
    Did you take a minute to think a little bit about why depositors choose a long term investment? Maybe because it´s more conservative than stocks, etc and, tell me: Those people have the “quick buck” profile?????
    Better think first before attack people that are tax payers, retired, sick, old and, in many cases, which have lost everything.

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