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Paris, Politics, Good Food, and Louisiana

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April in Paris.  Who can beat that?  This week’s column deals with how the French observe America, our new and old Presidents, and Louisiana.  All on April fool’s day.  Are they really going to stretch the French President to make him as tall as his new, young wife?  And what do the French think of Louisiana? You can read it now by Clicking Here.  You can also see below some of the scenes from my trip to Paris and the continuation on to Barcelona.


Remember the movie something’s Got to Give?  The final climatic scene takes place in Paris at The Grand Colbert Restaurant a few blocks from the Louvre.  Jack Nicholson is trying to win back Diane Keaton from Keanu Reeves.  A real soap opera.  Quite a place and you can see below I’m enjoying myself on a busy night.


There is no problem running into Louisianians in Paris.  I found a  group of Tulane MBA students on a study program, and enjoyed a dinner with them on the Left Bank  at the Cafe’ Parisian. Right and front is  Jack Hunt, who was the star safety on LSU’s 2003 national championship football team.


And of course any trip to Paris is not complete, if you are a book lover, unless you make a stop at the Shakespeare Book Shop acoss the Seine River from Cathedral Notre Dame.  I had no business buying so may titles because of the weight coming home, but could not resist.


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