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A Great La. Country Singer

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Louisiana has produced a number of country music stars, and one of my favorites is Joe Stampley from Springhill, just north of Minden, La.  Joe has been around since the sixties and has a long list of country hits. I’ve known him for almost that long.  He was in Baton Rouge last weekend and w had a nice visit before his performance at the Hollywood Casino.  I guess one of my favorite hits by any artist is Joe’s big number, All these Things.  When you hear it, you will certainly remember it from the late 60s.  It’s my song of the week on the jukebox, so give a listen.


I’m having some technical problems with my Jukebox from time to time, so if Joe’s song is not up right now, you can listen below.  You will remember it, for it’s an all time good one.


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  1. Hardy Parkerson

    Just curious, but lately every time I’ve attempted to post on the Graffiti wall, all I get is this note:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: mdv_recent_comments() in /homepages/17/d95655263/htdocs/jimbrown/blog/wp-content/themes/jimbrownla/page.php on line 12″

    Is that a problem with me, with my computer or with the Graffiti Wall function of Jimbrownla.com?


    Hardy Parkerson, Lake Charles

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