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Going Back to School

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would be good for the state for many of us to go back to school.  And I mean to teach or volunteer in some way to help our kids.  I have taught Louisiana history at both Tulane and LSU.  As Secretary of State, I was the keeper of all the state’s historical documents.  I have written extensively about the history of Louisiana.  Yet did you know that I am not qualified to each in ay public school?  That’s because I do not have a teacher’s certificate. How absurd.  There are thousands of older citizens with vast knowledge who would be willing to spend some time, if even a few hours a week, in the classroom.  But we put up artificial barriers to keep them from helping out.  Is it any surprise we educate so poorly?

I did agree to teach an 8th grade class in Baton Rouge last week at the Woodlawn Middle school.  Some inquisitive 8th graders had many questions about our state’s history.  You can see some photos below of the class and my efforts to share with them some of my own political experiences over many years.


Pictured above is the 8th grade class of Danelle Miller (She’s in green on the left).She met me, of all places, at an Eagles concert in New Orleans, and asked me to teach her class.


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  1. Danelle Miller

    Mr. Brown,
    Thank you so much for speaking to my class a couple weeks ago. They enjoyed your stories and were impressed with your knowledge of Louisiana and experience in a vast array of areas. I did want to mention that teaching certificates are required to teach in public schools in most states, but volunteers are welcome at any point to come visit and speak to the class about topics covered. We are always looking for community involvement and would love to have more people participate in learning and educating students. Thanks again for your commitment to education in Louisiana as seen through talking with my class.

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