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More Nuclear Power Plants in Louisiana?

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Our family has a  camp up in the St. Francisville area, quite close to the nuclear power plant.  I’ve alway been a bit apprehensive, not over concern of an explosion, but about the waste.  Where will it go?  Right now, it is kept on site.  It’s dangerous and will take a thousand years to loose its toxcidity.  And  there are plans to build a new plant right beside the existing plant.

A nuclear power plant hasn’t been built in the United States in two decades, but that could change in the next few years after a consortium announced locations in six states as possible sites for a nuclear renaissance.Nuclear power consortium NuStart Energy on Thursday named the sites from which it will later pick two for which to apply for licenses to build and operate nuclear power plants.

Four of the six already house operating nuclear power plants. The sites, by location, are:


  • Scottsboro, Ala. The Bellefonte Nuclear Plant, an unfinished site owned by the U.S. government’s Tennessee Valley Authority.
  • Port Gibson, Miss. The Grand Gulf Nuclear Station, owned by Entergy.
  • St. Francisville, La. The River Bend Station, owned by Entergy.
  • Aiken, S.C. The Savannah River Site, a U.S. Department of Energy nuclear weapons lab.
  • Lusby, Md. The Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Plant, owned by Constellation Energy.
  • Oswego, N.Y. The Nine Mile Point plant, owned by Constellation Energy

To see a video of potential problems in St. Francisville, see below.


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  1. Hardy Parkerson

    I will cast my vote for building this new nuclear power plant in Louisiana. After all, we power our largest warships with such power. Why not our electric
    generating plants?

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