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The Tar Heels Crash and Burn-And I’m Mad!

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All of us die hard Tar Heel fans are in mourning this week. As many of you know, I’m a rock solid Carolina basketball fan. If you scroll down this blog page, you’ll see a number of photographs from my visit a few weeks ago to Charlotte for the ACC basketball tournament. Well, you can imagine my huge disappointment this past Saturday when my team suffered a humiliating defeat to Kansas in the semifinals of the Final Four.

I try not to be a fair weather friend, but this is the second post season major disappointment in the past two years. Last year, Carolina held a commanding 11 point lead in a quarter final game against Georgetown with only five minutes to go. Then they started lobbing unnecessary three point shots, and let the game get away. But it was a slaughter on Saturday night. At one point, Carolina was down 40-12. This is the number one team in the country and they are getting beat 40-12. And Coach Roy Williams just sits there and calls no time outs. I’m dumbfounded.

By the way, I wrote these sentiments in the Charlotte Observer earlier this week, in response to a column the sports writer there publishes. I’m getting emails from all over the country in agreement. The team is going down in flames and the Coach just sits there. You can read these comments here.

3 Responses

    Dear Mr. Brown.
    I hate to inform you, but you must be talking about some other university. They don’t even play basketball in
    North Carolina, much less at
    Chapel Hill.

    G.A. in Iowa


    I am a big college sports fan, and I have never heard of their having a basketball team. They are pretty good, however, in pretty good in college football, however.

    R. Ward – Monroe

  3. Paul Blaine

    Good weekly comumn, Mr. Brown. I think you are right that Jindal would jump at the offer to be the V.P. running mate; and I say he would be smart to do so; and, further, McCain would be smart to choose him as his running mate. Everybody loves Jindal, Democrats and Republicans. Look at all the g reat candidates he beat when he got elected governor without even a run off. Yes, if McCain will pick Governor Jindal, then it’s time for Hillary and Obama to quit. Of course, the Democratic Party will field a candidate; but no matter who is the Democratic candidate, a McCain-Jindal Republican Ticket will be the winner. McCain better watch out lest Hillary get the nomination and pick up Jindal as her running mate. It’d be the same. Jindal is just an anomaly in Louisiana and U.S. politics. I suppose it is the new trend towards internationalism. PAUL BLAINE, Democrat

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