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Bluegrass Music time of year

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This time of year, there are festivals galore throughout Louisiana. Now I am a die hard Bluegrass Country music fan. I have a whole slew of string instruments, including several guitars, a five string banjo, a 12 string guitar, a dulcimer, and my latest acquisition, a mandolin. That’s not to say I am that good of a musician. But I do like to strum or pick along, and you’d be surprised at the number of music festivals I attend. Of course I was a jazz fest in New Orleans this week. And last week, I traveled up through Washington Parish towards the Mississippi state line in the small town of Angie. They have several bluegrass festivals there each year with a lot of campers that come in from all over the country. Pictured below is my old friend Wes Thibodaux from Gonzales who played with his band the Cajun Travelers. I’m sure I’ll be seeing Wes and the boys in other festivals over the summer months.




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  1. Hardy Parkerson

    So very talented you are! I will never forget the great performance you did in the musical, the FANTISTIKS, in New Orleans back in the mid-sixties. Not only did you star in it and, as I recall, sing in it, you produced and directed it; and all the time attending lawschool full time. I recognized even way back then how very talented you were, and I have continued to notice that about you over these many years. Keep up the good work! They have a big blue-grass festival at Longville Lake in Beauregard Parish every year. I’ll try to find out when it is and let you know. Maybe I can go up and listen to you play. Again, keep up the good work!
    Your friend, Hardy Parkerson

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