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Me and Bigtime Basketball

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Wednesday 03-19-2008 3:11pm CT

If you are a die hard college basketball fan like me, this is easily your favorite time of year.  March Madness!  As basketball sportscaster Dick Vitel would say: “It’s ShowTime Baby!”
There was no better place in the country to be this past weekend than in Charlotte, North Carolina to watch the Atlantic Coast Basketball Tournament.  I was there for the full four days, cheering on my North Carolina Tar Heels.  Charlotte is quite a place to hold any event, and I talked about what a first rate tournament location it is in my column this week, now posted.

There is nothing like a good hot dog at a sporting event.  It’s unfortunate to say that we don’t serve a grilled, all beef, jumbo, juicy hotdog on a warm bun in many of our Louisiana sports locations.  Below you will see me enjoying a first rate dog (not a shriveled boiled weenie like you find in Tiger Stadium).  I will not confess to you how many hot dogs I ate during the four-day tournament.

Really authentic Tar Heel fans like me would never consider going to a game without having a Carolina tattoo.  You will see below me getting my display right before the game.

One of the best rivalries in all sports is Duke-Carolina.  We do a lot of good-natured ribbing of each other with our opponents before each game as you can see below.

Just in case the Tar Heels get in a jam  and need someone to substitute, I thought it prudent of me to warm up a bit at the practice facility.  How do I look?

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  1. Jim,

    You are so right. We hope and pray the Tigers here at home do it right and with CLASS! We need the right hotdogs. It is an American thing and should be done with honor and care. We also need to take pride in our dogs as we do our team and state. Sometimes these can be better than steak.

    Susie Labry
    Your Louisiana Sunshine

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