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Louisiana is Synonymous with Good Music

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Delta Music Museum

Tuesday 03-25-2008 7:50am CT

Louisiana is synonymous with good music and great musicians.  Whether it is classical, Cajun, New Orleans Jazz, or the roots of country music that came from the Louisiana hayride, the state is loaded with musical talent.  To commemorate all this talent, the legislature created the Delta Music Museum that is located in my old hometown of Ferriday.  Jerry Lee Lewis, Jimmy Swaggert and cousin Mickey Gilly all are natives of Ferriday.
I had the pleasure last week traveling up to my old neck of the woods to dedicate the renovation of the old Arcade Theater that had been the movie theater there for many years.  It is now been turned into a musical auditorium right next to the music Museum.  Present Secretary of State Jay Dardenne invited former country musician of the year Mickey Gilly and me to take part in a dedication.

After the formal ceremonies, Mickey got up on the stage and entertained all the locals just like he has for over 30 years.  In 1978, over a thousand people turned out for Jim Brown fundraiser when Mickey Gilly was the special guest and entertainer.  He still does a great rendition of his longtime hit, “The girls they all get prettier at closing time.”

Jay Dardenne is doing a first-rate job of supporting and encouraging the growth of local museums throughout the state.  If you’ve not been a Ferriday, it is worth the trip to get a sense of this local musical culture, and enjoy the hospitality of my old hometown.

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  1. Hardy Parkerson - , Lake Charles, LA USA and Naples, Italy

    Another great weekly column by the great statesman and writer Jim Brown! Keep up the good work, Mr. Brown. Oh, yes! I love the music of Jerry Lee Lewis, Jimmy Swaggart and Mickey Gilley. I wish that one guy from Ferriday who taught them all to play the piano were still alive, so I could go there and hire him to teach me to play in the “Jerry Lee, Jimmy Swaggart, Mickey Gilley Style”. I can play the piano, but not like those guys. They are all greats. Frankly, I think Jimmy Swaggart ought to do more playing the piano on his t.v. shows and less preaching. Of course, he could do like Mike Murdock does and preach between songs. And, of course, that is just my two-bit opinion, without my taking time to think over fom a theologican standpoint that statement about Jimmy Swaggart. Again, keep up the good work, Mr. Brown!


    Your longtime friend Hardy Parkerson in Lake Charles

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