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Rayburn Memorial

Monday 03-10-2008 4:57am CT

A large crowd of state officials and local friends gathered at a small Baptist Church outside of Bogalusa this past Saturday to memorialize and bury former state Senator B.B. “Sixty Rayburn.  The service lasted for almost 3 hours and a number of us who served with Senator Rayburn were able to reminisce and share some wonderful stories about this legislator who served the state for some 50 years.
I am pictured below with former Governor Dave Treen, and U.S. Senator Mary Landrieu, who also spoke at the Rayburn funeral.

Public Service Commissioner Foster Campbell had some great stories to tell about being in the Senate with Sixty Rayburn.  We visited for a while after the service.

2 Responses

    Dear Jim,

    Great pictures. Great friends you have. Great colleagues you had in the Louisiana State Senate in the person of Senator B.B. “Sixty: Rayburn. Also, great people whom you have served with in government and with whom you were photographed. And finally, you are also one of the greats of contemporary Louisiana history and Louisiana government. Keep up the good work! I am working on a plan to get you elected governor in 2011, if not sooner. Keep up the good work!


    Lt. Hardy Parkerson
    Retired Lawyer and former
    Asst. Prof. of Criminal Justice on Campus at Baton Rouge (among other things)

  2. tammy brandon

    Last year they changed the Washington Correction Institue to B.B.”Sixty” Rayburn Correctional Center. They had a dedication for Sixty.

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