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Chief Riley

Saturday 12-22-2007 5:20pm? CT

An update on the crime situation in New Orleans was the focus of my show recently with Chief of Police Warren Riley.? He articulated his views that New Orleans is making significant progress in deal with the nation’s worst crime problem.? He also took a strong? stand on the issue of tearing down the controversial housing projects, and said crime rates will drop when the projects are demolished.? Chief Riley will join me on my show the third Thursday of each month.

The Innocence Project

Thursday 12-20-2007 5:37am? CT

The Innocence Project in New Orleans has been successful in obtaining the freedom of a number of convicts wrongly convicted.? We talked? recently with Emily Maw who is the Executive Director, and Kathleen Norman, a board member.? They had some chilling stories to tell of people wrongfully convicted with full knowledge of law enforcement officials, including the FBI. DNA has been a great help? to determine the guilt or innocence of many who have been convicted.

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