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Check out Jim’s New Column. Time for New Orleans to get over it!

3 Responses
  1. Clusiana Segura

    I’m dumb struck. You mean to tell me that New Orleans politicians still think the sun shines on them? What a crock! Sorry, the sun has set. New Orleans is a filthy, raunchy city. Except for some of the neighborhoods in the city that have rebuilt (they are eye candy and just beautiful) New Orleans is not on my list of places to visit and spend my money. Someone needs to get in there and clean up the crime (first thing first) then clean up the filth. Clean streets. No garbage. The ambiance stinks! Someone has to have the guts to clean out the flooded areas and build anew. The rest of Louisiana is moving on and NOLA is just dying. Go to Victoria BC. Turn NOLA into a Victoria BC! It won’t happen. Too many like the filth, (dirt and porn).

  2. Clusiana Segura

    …to further comment regarding NOLA being left off the list for debates. Everything I wrote applies to the reason why pubbies and dems won’t come to NOLA.

  3. Carol L. Miller

    The center of the economic network of SELA shifted to Jefferson parish well before Katrina. Orleans has steadfastly refused to seriously study what other cities and states like OK and Oklahoma City did to pull themselves up by their boot straps after the Oil Bust started with the collapse of the Penn Square Bank in OKC on July 2, 1982. When Morial just brushed off and completely ignored the recommendations of the blue ribbon panel in the summer of 1986, just turned to tourism, gambling, and the universities, I’m not surprised that many of the businesses between Carrollton and Loyola/Elk’s Pl. – Simon Bolivar/Basin have died. I agree with everything in the last article, but have enough life experience to realize that very likely nothing is going to happen in Orleans except more whining and extreme provincialism.

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