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Jim Bernazzani

Thursday 10-11-2007 8:35am? CT

The FBI has an active presence in New Orleans, post Katrina, and the Louisiana Director, Jim Bernazzani, was on my show this past Wednesday.? We have read and heard a lot about the FBI’s involvement in corruption and street crime throughout the city.? But Bernazzani spent quite a bit of time talking about anti-terrorist protection throughout our area.? ? I plan on having him back on the show at regular intervals.

Tiger football

Monday 10-08-2007 7:49am? CT

LSU football was the talk of the state over the weekend.? We of course had to talk about it, and what a game it was between LSU and last year’s number one team, the Florida Gators.? If you have been completely out of touch, LSU won in the final minutes, to stay number one in the country.? Joining me of Friday’s show to talk about the game was the voice of Baton Rouge morning talk radio, Kevin Meeks. Kevin is with our sister station WJBO and lives and breathes LSU football.? What a weekend.

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