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Contract with Louisiana

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Subject: Hold Our Leaders Accountable

Here’s a great way to let your voice be heard.?

We have a major election in Louisiana a little over a month a way.? And all of us are being lobbied by these political wannabes for our support.? Here’s what I hope you will do: when asked for your support, make the candidate sign the 99.5 FM Contract with Louisiana.

The 99.5 FM Contract with Louisiana makes the candidate promise, in writing, to support a number of reform measures.? These are sensible measures, like insurance reform and ethics reform, needed to cleanup and streamline Louisiana.

Simply download the Contract from our web site <http://www.new995fm.com/cc-common/emta/c/0/303763/7132350/1/c.html> . It’s in the convenient PDF format, and it will print as a single page. Then insist that any candidate who wants your support sign the Contract.? If you send us a copy of the signed Contract, we’ll post the candidate’s name on our web site, so everyone can see who is committed to change.?

If you have a moment, be sure to pass the Contract link to your friends and family, and let them help us hold our leaders accountable too.



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