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Contract with Louisiana

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One month to go in Louisiana. Four weeks until one of the most important elections in Louisiana history. The airwaves are being filled with more political spots as each day passes. But do you really know how these candidates feel about a cross section of major issues in the state?

I have listed ten common sense suggestions that any progressive legislator should be willing to embrace and strongly support. Look them over, and if you think I’m on the right track, urge any legislative candidate you might know if you live in Louisiana to go to my radio website at http://www.thenew995fm.com. You can download and print a copy, and get your candidate to sign on. I’ll list all those who agree to sign on our website. Here are the “Top Ten” suggestions:

FULL DISCLOSURE OF YOUR INCOME Will you commit to making full disclosure of your income as proposed by a number of public interest groups, and further agree not to carry on any business with state agencies? If you can’t make this commitment, then you really should not be running.

• USING FISCAL SENSE Was it necessary for the Legislature to spend every single penny available during this most recent regular session? Can I count on you to use some restraint and common sense when it comes to spending our money?

AFFORDABLE INSURANCE I want your commitment that you will make an informed comparison of what other states are doing to lower insurance rates, and be actively involved in this very important area. I want your commitment that you will make sure that better checks and balances are built into the operation of the dysfunctional state-run, Citizens Property Insurance program.

• SECURING NEW ORLEANS The state has made a commitment for the National Guard and State Troopers to assist in law enforcement, but this could end soon. Whether we like it or not, this commitment needs to be continued. Will you agree to fund whatever is reasonable to keep a contingent of state law enforcement personnel in New Orleans?

• EARLY CHILDHOOD LEARNING When it comes to improving the quality of education in Louisiana, every national survey made has indicated that early childhood learning is a must. Many other states have pre-kindergarten programs for four-year-olds. Such programs need to be funded by the Legislature. Are you willing to commit to early childhood learning?

• CREATION OF AN “E-STATE” Let’s get the attention of the rest of the country by creating the country’s first “e-state” where free wireless broadband is available to everyone. We’re talking about $25 million to implement such a system. This seems like a small investment for huge returns. I want your commitment you will work towards this important new resource.

• THE PORT OF NEW ORLEANS Agree by this contract not to ignore the Port of New Orleans. It’s the largest port in America, yet it’s dramatically under funded. The Panama Canal is doubling in size, and there are tremendous opportunities for the New Orleans port to be a major economic generator. I want your commitment that you will work towards making this the premier port in the United States.

• REDUCE THE NUMBER OF ELECTIONS We have way too many elections. Millions of dollars could be saved each year by reducing this number. One key election cycle a year makes good common sense. Please agree to work with the Secretary of State in reducing numerous elections the state presently holds.

• ELIMINATE UNNECESSARY CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENTS As my representative, I expect you to use your judgment to find ways to keep me and others in this district from voting on any number of amendments that have no effect on this district whatsoever. If we need a new constitutional convention to accomplish this, then I expect you to lead that fight.

• CLEAN UP OUR TRASHY STATE Did you know that commercial trash haulers are not subject to big penalties for trash that blows off of their trucks? Let’s make an example of those who trash our state. If you win election to the legislature, I expect you to put some teeth into our laws. Will you do so?

This is my contract proposal for Legislative Candidates. My request is simply that you strongly urge a candidate who approaches you and have them sign this contract so that you and our station can have a copy of it, and can follow their progress in achieving these goals during the coming four years. I hope all of our candidates will take this commitment seriously, and I hope we can count on each of them to be there for their legislative district, and for the people of Louisiana.

If you have other suggestions, feel free to send them along. I’m easy to reach at Jim@995FM.com.

Jim Brown


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