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I was close to the Hamas-Israel War!

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Just a note to all my column and website readers. I want to thank so many of you for your concern over my safety during my recent trip to Israel. I found the trip extremely informative and spiritually rewarding. In fact, I planned to stay a few extra days since I was so far away in that part of the world. But I had a premonition. Something told me I needed to go on home.  I guess the good Lord was looking out for me.

This is going to be a long and messy war, with the United States and other countries brought in to it.  By the way, my son-in-law Dan Senor, who was a foreign policy advisor to both President Bush and presidential candidate Mitt Romney, is being sought out by numerous media outlets for interviews. Coincidentally, he just published a new book called the Genius of Israel.

 For you New Orleans readers, I will be interviewed about my trip tomorrow morning, Tuesday October 10th, at 8:30 am on WGSO 990-AM and at 10:30 am on WWL radio.


My thanks to so many of you, read my columns for your emails, your thoughts and prayers, while I was in Israel last week. I left the Holy Land this past Wednesday, October 3ed.  The next night, missiles were launched close to where I was staying.  Here’s what happened. Hamas and Islamic Jihad surprised Israel on Shabbat and the Jewish holiday of Simchat Torah with a barrage of 2,000 missiles. From within the cover of the missile attack, Hamas terrorists invaded Israel proper – entering more than 20 communities where they killed 100s of people as well as kidnaping more than 100 civilians – bringing them back to Gaza. There are vast differences between the Palestinian organization Hamas  and Israelites. But certainly, no justification for war. Maybe God was sending me a signal to get on out of Israel. Thanks again for your concerns.


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