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Chilling Government Privacy Invasions!

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There were two chilling reports recently about both the federal government and private businesses that continue to watch, gather information and keep tabs on so many things we all do.  Oh, its for our protection or for our commercial interests for the to do so-right?  Baloney.  Invasion into our private lives increased dramatically as each week goes by.

PBS had an exceptional program on  titled:  “The United States of Secrets.”Â  The program traces the history of the National Security Agency as it evolves from monitoring potential dangers abroad to an all out effort in gathering private information on all American citizens.  I would urge every American to watch this compelling report.    And Politico has a disturbing story on private surveillance in the lives of all Americans.  You will be amazed at all the spying that takes place in your life.  Take a look by Clicking Here.

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